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Updated: Jul 21

I was in downtown Chattanooga when I received a text from a prospective client asking if I could do a shoot that night. Read Below

We had talked back and forth about doing a shoot with her friend's semi truck, but she said she wanted to wait a while first. So, I got a text around 7:00 PM on a Saturday night because another photographer, a relative, didn't work out. She had the outfit, location, and truck ready so she still wanted to do it if possible. Being that we only had about 2 hours before it would be dark, it would be a major challenge. She happened to catch me at a time when I was available, so I rushed back to the studio, grabbed my gear and drove to the location, getting there about 10 minutes before she and her friend made it.

Ever since she first saw her friend's huge semi truck, she knew she wanted to do a sexy photoshoot on and around it. The style would be pinup, and she had the outfits to pull off the look. Her friend pulled his truck around to the location she wanted it, with the angles she envisioned, and we were almost ready. She started out wearing overall shorts with no bra. It was a super fun look I've shot before but this time it was for a new client posing with a huge semi truck.

Next for her outfits was a white Atlanta Braves' jersey with a lacey maroon thong to match the jersey's trim. Throw on a baseball cap backwards and she was looking great. My favorite shot was her facing the front of the semi as if she was holding it back. After that, she traded the jersey for a white western top with tassels. This worked out great with a pose sitting down next to the massive front passenger tire, showing off her legs.

We were wrapping up the shoot when she remembered a great shot on Instagram. It was a nude lady only wearing a sheer robe, flashing a truck at night with it's headlights facing her. I loved the idea and we knocked it out of the park! It was the grand finale of the shoot and we were very satisfied with the results, keeping it PG13, and finishing up just before dark. I was happy I was able to shoot at the last minute with her and create some killer shots she will love for many years.

Chattanooga Boudoir Photographer

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