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Boudoir FAQ

Can I bring a friend?

Of course! I encourage ladies to bring a friend for encouragement and support. Having someone there with you can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed, whether they are right where we are shooting or nearby, which leads to even better photos. Any photographer who says you can't bring of friend should be avoided.


Do you sell photos of your clients to others?

Absolutely NOT! The photos of my clients remain private unless they agree to let me use some for my portfolio. Then, and only then, will I post them. I never want to embarrass anyone or make them feel uncomfortable. The photos we create together are private unless you give permission to post any of them. Any photos you see of mine for sale are from models with whom I have a sales contract with.

What should I wear?

That is entirely up to you, but I encourage you to bring a variety of clothes pertaining to the genre of shoot, such as lingerie, baggy sweaters, pantyhose, etc. We can go through the outfits after you arrive. You can find a wide range of great outfits HERE.

I've never posed for a professional photographer before. Will you help me with posing?

That's what a photographer does! Its an important part of my job to, not only make you feel comfortable and relaxed, but show you how to pose for each photo and scene. You'll love the way you'll look in your photos.

Do I have to get naked?

Not at all. Your nudity, or lack there of, is totally up to you. I can show you a modesty level ranking that will help you show me how you want to proceed with the photoshoot. I shoot to your comfort level. You will have full control to express to me what you are comfortable with, and you can change your mind, however you like.

How long is the shoot?

Shoot day takes around 4 hours total, with a little less than 2 hours for hair and makeup and around 2 hours for shooting. I don't mind going a little over time if you want if it means getting the shots we want to get.